John and Babs in Tanzania

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April 2008

Another Day Older
More Adventurous

Matthew William Priest
6 days old

We are now grandparents! As previously reported, Matthew William Priest arrived 1 week early on April 8th 2008; his mass was 3.23kg (7lb 2oz) and he was 50cm long.

matthew3.jpg 8 days

matthew4.jpg 3 weeks

We were absolutely thrilled, but a little disappointed that he chose to arrive early and that we could not see him immediately. We left Patandi as planned, on 11th April, and flew to Manchester complete with luggage which included 2 large wooden giraffes and baby presents. Helen and Mike were wonderfully happy but looked very tired. We spent nearly 3 weeks with them, helping where we could - we had forgotten how chaotic it could be in those early days. Matthew, from the first time we saw him, was so beautiful; when awake he was very alert right from the start, and enjoyed being amused.

Happy Birthday, Dad!
Matthew with Mike on his 30th Birthday

Our Grandson
Matthew with Babu John & Nana Babs

While in Manchester, John had spent a great deal of time investigating free resources to take back to the College. It was fortunate that KLM have a generous baggage allowance! We managed a very brief visit to Darlington, and then, all too soon, it was time to return to Tanzania and back to work. Goodbyes on this occasion were particularly difficult. However we had already begun to think about another visit home. Eve was due to be bridesmaid for a school friend, Helen, in June and, as this would perhaps be the last time we could all be together for quite a while, the wheels began to turn and some planning started. We knew of Eve and Mark’s travel details from Australia, but didn’t want to say anything too soon in case our visit didn’t happen. We already felt guilty about asking for more time away from the College; however, we knew that, during June, the students and staff would be on holiday. So... perhaps.

We had a good flight back to Tanzania, during which we met a group of Dutch people all wearing bright yellow T-shirts carrying the logo ‘Walk for Development’. They were due to tour Tanzania and, after chatting, it emerged that they were due to visit Patandi College the following week and so we looked forward to meeting them again. On our arrival back at Kilimanjaro Airport, we were met by the Principal with transport for our rather large amount of luggage! Sadly, one box load did not make it onto that flight and was delivered the next day. And so it was back to work.

More to come from John and Babs in Tanzania soon.